Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I've been really cr*p - I'm sorry!!

Hi everyone,

REALLY sorry i havent been around much - No excuse for it.

Ok, whats happened in my life since I last blogged:

Well im still seeing Ben, Ex has met him a few times now and is fine with Ben being around our DD. I'm going down to Exeter on Thursday, he is then coming back to Nottingham on Sunday with me then staying till Tuesday and getting train home.

I'm going to see a medium on 4th June too - She's REALLY good (whether you believe in this stuff or not, its my choice)

Ben is going to Scotland with me at the end of June to visit my family - He'll probably get third degree, poor sod!

This month is ROBIN HOOD Month in Nottingham so I am taking Ben to see Nottingham castle, They have LOADS of events so if your near, check it out!

I havent seen the new robin hood movie but russell crowe was said he based his accent on a "yorkshire man" - IDIOT

I saw "my sisters keep" for the first time the other day - my god DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU HAVE KIDS its awful :'(

I've been buying clothes, more essentials than "one wear" ("one wear" as in - Fashionable right now and never wearable again! lol)

Today I've brought:

Longline top In black and coral (I do want to stay away from Black/White but im too used to them but coral's a new colour!)


Dress (again - new colour!)

Also brought 2 pairs of boot cut jeans from next and:

BLACK Sandals

Black Ballerina's

Also brought a superdry jumper but cant find a picture of it!

Hope your all ok - will try and keep on top of this!

Me xx


  1. Fab new buys m'dear, and good to see you back x

  2. Love coral at the moment!! I like that dress :)