Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My fabulous weekend

Hi everyone!

I went to Exeter Thursday last week, sooo warm down there, like a dimwit i only took Jeans and tops with me!

Went into the city and found the most gorgeous pair of shoes to go with my coral dress but when i got to the cash desk i noticed they were marked - apprentley they are supposed to be like that but it looked stupid so i refused to buy them!

I did however buy a new top from new look (which then got a hole in it within 1 day of wearing it, not happy!) and a maxi dress from next

I did get 2 pairs of shoes from New Look but took them back the next day after the top incident, dont want the heel breaking on me!

Me and Ben came back to Notts on Sunday (4 hours in a hot car, not good!)

Spent yesterday walking around a tourist attraction farm in Nottinghamshire, Me, Ben and my daughter went on the go karts - Ben took a corner too fast and nearly killed himself (ok, bit dramatic but you get the idea lol) then spent the rest of the day in the garden and actually wore a coral long top (the one from ASOS) and a pair of Denim shorts (Tesco, £12, bargin!) and a pair of flip flops ive had laying around and never actually worn!

Had such a nice time with Ben, sad to see him leave this morning.

Today im slumming it (but getting better!)

I have my horrid trainers on, A pair of dark bootcut jeans, a black vest top, a bead necklace i brought in New look and my funky ribbon bracelets - apart from the trainers i feel quite trendy lol

I'm desperatley in need of some nice sandals/flip flops to wear as mine are a bit erm . . . horrid!!!

Hope your all ok and have a brill day

Me xx


  1. do you have a primark near to you, they have a load of different flip flops and sandals in at the moment..

  2. I have no words, but wanted to let you know I'm reading :)