Saturday, 13 February 2010

I feel like i should be an extra on "the little house on the prairie" all because of one floral top lol

I know its fashionable but its not something i would have ever picked up if it hadnt of been for the girls on MSE for encouraging me. Its nice - Its just not the usual "tank top" that i would bbe wearing as a slummy mummy

I've got a pic for you all! sorry about the poor quality - it was took on my phone after all by my OH who looked shocked at my dress style today lol

My cars in the garage - I dropped it off first thing - It should cost just under £150 to fix everything (we supplied the light!) and seeing as im not paying for it - BONUS

Today I dont have anything planned - OH is working tomorrow so we'll just be chilling out - didnt get much sleep either last night - about 3 hours maybe so lots of caffine!

**Ignore the fat face on the pics - i'd just got up lol**

(i cant put them on here - how do i do that!!)


  1. That's a lovely top - you don't look anything like Laura Ingalls Wilder, so no worries on that score.

    As for putting images into posts, you can use the image icon on the toolbar in post composition (if you're using the WYSIWYG editor, not html) and then choose to upload or link to an image on another hosting site - I use photobucket.

  2. Theres not a whiff of Little House on the Prairie about that outfit. The top looks lovely on you :o)

    I use the image icon as LouLou says and then either upload from my laptop or from an external website. I usually make mine centred as they look nice that way.

  3. I think your outfits great and not at all Prairie style. Well done for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone....we will have you in turquoise tights and high heels in no time! As for pics I havent a clue I just save mine to my pc and click on the picture icon when writing the post to upload them...sure theres a better way though.

  4. That top is lovely :) Well done on being brave and trying a new style!

  5. That top is gorgeous and you look fab in it! Also loving the boots, where are they from?

    Queenie xx

  6. My Boots? I've no idea lol had them ages and all tags have fallen off lol xx