Sunday, 14 February 2010

No - I dont look like frankenstein any more

Hey everyone!

Happy Valentines Day!

I've snuck on here whilst everything is quite. Jono is still in bed, he's working away this afternoon, leaves at 3pm and wont be back till late (he doesn't normally work weekends, its over time) but he's go to head south to Gatwick which is at least 4 hours away from here so no romantic night in for me!

A few of you was asking about my scar after my Thyroid lobotomy. Its now a faint line, it will eventually just be a skin crease. When I'm cold It goes purple. If you didn't know it was there then you wouldn't notice and to be honest, even when you do know its there you forget so don't notice it anyway!

I DO notice it but that's because its there in the mirror every day when I'm putting my make up on, Its not as bas as it used to be, it helps now people don't stare at it like they did when i first had it done.

Here's a picture i took of it today:

looks goof doesn't it compared to the shockers that are on facebook lol

Of course I don't mind you adding me on facebook lol I must warn you though - I'm on there ALL the time. I like Twitter a lot too so have linked them both so i only need to update one and the other updates automatically (because I'm sad like that!)

I hope your all having a brilliant day

Take care, Alana xox


  1. You should be proud of your scar hun its a testament of what you have been Im always on fb too well I was til they changed the stupid layout! How do you link fb to the blog though?

  2. I think scars are interesting! There is always a story behind them :)

  3. I'm proud of my scars, you should be proud of've had an incredible journey.

    I'm a bit of a facebook addict though often forget sign in for days at a time!

    I hope your having a lovely day x

  4. Its amazing to see the difference in the facebook pictures to how it looks today.

    I did wonder about adding you on Facebook but thought you might think I was a mental stalker. I'm not!

  5. lol no! Of coursse I wouldn't think you were some mental FB stalker lol