Friday, 12 February 2010

slummy mummy not yummy mummy :-/

Yesterday was eventful, My car went in the garage and they said its looking likely to be around £500 to repair everything (inc labour) so i think it might be wrote off soon - im off to another garage today for yet ANOTHER quote. We're saving for a wedding so can't really afford a car but a friend said i can have his old Audi and pay monthly for it but im going to see what happens with my car first.

Went into town after work yesterday - i brought a pair of over the knee socks and thats it lol I wear a check "boyfriend" shirt to bed so my legs get cold - hence the over the knee socks lol I think they would like nice with a short(ish) dress and my ankle boots (yes! i know! i own shoes!) Bet you all thought my shoe collection was all from nike lol

I did see few new items i like, then saw price tags and thought better of it lol

So if you have seen theres cheaper elsewhere, let me know

or this one:

Today im Slummy Mummy - I have my new socks on (its cold lol) my black boot slippers (? not sure if thats the right word) jeans and a plain black t - also got a great big towel on my head as ive washed my hair but it isnt dry yet lol SOO hope the postman doesnt come knocking on the door with a parcel

My DD is annoying me today - shes at that stage where she starts pushing bondries to see what she gets away with.

Some of the girls mentioned yesterday their nail polish keeps chipping. I use leighton denny polish - its expensive for nail polish but it lasts ages and ive never had mine chipped yet!

Sorry if this blogs a bit rubbish at the moment! i'll try to keep it active lol

Take care, have a great day and thanks for reading :)


  1. for floral tops, like the one from DPs, try new look (they have some fab half price offers right now, I got a floral dress for £12) or Primark!

  2. Those floral tops are lovely :)

  3. They had some tops like that in Tescos when I went in last week. I found these on their website

    In fact there are a few things on their website I quite like the look of.