Saturday, 6 March 2010

Barbie has more make up than me!

Hi Everyone!

Hope your all well!

I had a girly night with my friends on Thursday night and they was disgusted with my lack of make up lol

This is what WAS my make up:

Anyway, my best friend decided enough was enough and we've just been to Asda and i am now the owner of :


Just got to get the quantities right - don't want to be looking like Aunt Sally!

Anyway, As you all know me and OH broke up - I have a "date" at the end of the month (its with a friend who I've known for years - the same one who does the 7 hour phone calls)

SO . . . I'm wearing a LBD and cant decided whether or not to wear my glasses or get contacts - I've worn contacts before and got on fine but I'm not sure.

What do you guys think?

I definantly think without my glasses !
Not really doing much this weekend to be honest, I was going to go out tonight but I've brought a new net book (Acer 10.1) and after the make up splurge i want to rein in my spending for now!
Whats everyone else up to?


  1. I don't think I could cope with that amount of make-up. I keep winnowing my collection and then buying twice as much in replacements! Have a play about with your new makeup, it's supposed to be fun (well I think so.)

    On the glasses issue, I would go with whatever you feel most confident in. I'm sure you'll look great. x

  2. See thats the thing - i like to hide behind my glasses but I think if im getting dressed up then i should probably take them off - dont think they really suit me anyway!

    make up - Thats alot for me lol didnt stab myself in the eye with the pencil so i think i did well :)

  3. I think you look nice with and without glasses.
    I wear glasses and contacts and prefer to wear my contacts but its up to you. If you will feel more comfortable in your contacts then wear them (plus then you can't play with your glasses like I end up doing when I'm nervous).

    I know what you mean about makeup- I have more than that but never know how to apply it correctly and feel like a little girl playing dress up.

    Enjoy your date x