Friday, 12 March 2010

Farewell "mom"

My other mom died this morning.

I got a phone called at 07:15 to tell me of her passing. I've had my cry and for some stupid reason I convinced myself I needed to come to work so thats where I am, Sat at my desk, wondering what the hell am I doing. I suppose its better than sitting at home and getting upset?

I went to see her twice in the hospice yesterday. The nurses said she was able to hear me but wasnt  really with it so I told her i loved her asked what I was going to do without her and told her I would look after her husband. Said that everyone has been to see her and thats some comfort - we all had our goodbyes.

I've been and got a sympathy card for her family - Just simply wrote "Nothing I can say will ease the pain, Thank you for sharing her with me. Always near if you need me, Love Always"

Not really sure what else to put here so this will be a short post.

RIP "mom" you were the best - love you



  1. Aw sweetheart. ((hugs))

    There's really nothing anyone can say at a time like this, so just look after yourself. xx

  2. Sorry to hear about your sad loss. x

  3. I'm sorry honey,
    just remember she is pain free and at peace <3

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Sometimes loosing someone that wasn't a blood relation is harder especially if they meant an awful lot to you as you may feel it isn't justified.
    Hope you are doing OK. we're here if you want hugs or to talk about it.
    Vicki xxx