Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Will the gossips please fine someone else to talk about right now

urgh yesterday evening turned into a disaster!

When we had all the girls around i was explaining that me and J hadn't been getting on (for well over 2 years) and although we tried to make it work, its not happening and we've broken up. I have a friend who ive liked for ages but have never ever done anything with him. Well, we're both single now and we're going on a date at the end of the month. I promised J when i started seeing someone serious i would tell him - and because this is only a date i didnt tell him to spare his feelings.

ANYWAY - one of the girls at the party blabbed to my sister (who im not close to and who hates me with a vengance) and my sister told my brother who then told me. It went from "date" to "affair" very quickly in this game of chinese whispers and i was worried it would get back to J.

Tried to go the right thing, rang my friend, explained what had happened and asked if I could tell J (I expected J to say something to my friend and wanted to give him the heads up) so then i had to tell J. Its the worst thing ive ever had to do. He hates me now. Says ive broken his heart, he cant believe ive gotten over him so quickly (tbh me and him havent been right for years so i dont know why this is a shock for him) and a few other choice words.

I reallt didnt want J finding out like this and now feel awful :(

Why do people gossip? Whats the point in it?!

Alana x

(you know this new blogging style - wheres spell checker?)


  1. Hey hun,
    best of luck for today. Gossip is petty and un-needed, I know it's hard but try to rise above it.


  2. Gossip is ridiculous. When I split with my college boyfriend, a large number of mutual friends stopped speaking to me due to his spin on things (he conveniently forgot that he'd been cheating on me and basically mucking me around for months) - and then he also had the gall to confront my now-husband in the street and tell all sorts of lies to try to break us up.

    You are no longer in a relationship with your ex. Sorry, but sod his hurt feelings. Tough - he's just going to have to grow a pair and get over it - the longer you mollycoddle him and defer to him because you once shared something, the worse his behaviour and sense of entitlement will get! Make a clean break hun, you know it's the best thing. xx

    PS Sorry if I sound harsh, I just don't have time for silly gossipy blame-games. Why won't everyone just grow up!!