Monday, 15 March 2010

ouch! that hurts!

Firstly - Thanks everyone for the replies regarding my other mum - Im ok, lost a bit of weight through stress and not sleeping well but im glad she is no longer in pain and knew how much she ment to me, Funerals next week and i think that will be difficult

Secondly - My friends and me went POLE dancing yesterday! (if my other mum could see me she'd be fuming! she waqs very religious - not only would she disagree with the pole dancing but doing it on a sunday! i'd be in so much trouble)

Well i managed to do a fair amount of moves and it was great having a giggle with the girls. We was dancing for an ho9ur and 30 min and it isnt sleezy at all! its ballet with a pole! However, I have a blood blister on the bottom of my food, loads of bruising on my legs and my arms, stomach and shoulder blades are aching!

Does anyone else do this for exercise? I think i need some pads for the bottom of my feet - any suggestions? need to wear low socks as i need flesh showing to grip thhe pole

Im in court tomorrow - witness to an alledged incident (not alledged at all - other party is lying through their teeth!) so hopefully they will see through the lies and come to the correct conclusion.

Slumming it today clothes wise - Uggs, Jeans, t-shirt from asda (paris one so kinda fashionable) and my big black cardi as im freezing but refuse to put the heating on!

Doing well with my make up - havent made myself look orange yet!

still having man problems!  Ex still acting like we are together but we've had a talk and hopefully he'll stop crowding me soon.

Hope you are all ok and i will try and check in soon xx


  1. Oh your poor feet! If you can find them, you can get cotton footie socks (the ones meant for wear with court shoes) - not the normal thin mesh ones, but proper cotton ones - which have a padded sole for the ball of your foot. I find them very good for dancing (although my idea of dancing may well be significantly different from everyone else's idea of dancing!).

    I'd love to try pole dancing, it looks like a whole lot of fun!

  2. Sorry for the double comment, but you can get them at Sock Shop, they are listed as shoe liner with cushioned pad. Available at Amazon too, so you could probably get free delivery. :)

  3. oo thank you! will go have a look :)

  4. Oh wow, pole dancing, something to add to my to try list when I'm well enough ;) Hang in there chica x

  5. Its FANTASTIC chick - when i get good i'll get the girls to take some pictures and put them on here - HURTS like hell all over though!