Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Why do we bother ladies?

Grrr . . . .man rant! I’m supposed to be going on my date this weekend and my date keeps changing his mind about whether we should go or not. its pi$$ing me off BIG TIME. Last convo we had was that it was "on" so I’ve sent a text this morning with a basic message of "I need to know for definite as I need to make arrangements for DD and can’t keep changing plans as my mum won’t have her for me again"

Waiting on a reply.

I've also had an allergic reaction to some medicine the doctor has given me, it’s a form of deodorant - and its BURNING. I've got bright red marks under my arms, have tried to wash it off but it’s still stinging.

My other mum got buried yesterday, was a catholic service and I was fine - didn’t cry and held it together really well

Got my 6 month review at work today and I’m dreading it :(

Hope your all ok

Take care and I shall update you as to whether or not my weekend plans change . . AGAIN!!

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