Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Just a quick update for you all.

My Step bro lands in the UK tomorrow from Australia. He's coming to say bye to my other mum. she has deteriorated very quickly and i only hope she holds on until he arrives.

I've got a big family so death isn't an unusual thing - but you don't expect people to die do you? I don't ever think "oh grans looking old" i just see my gran. Same with my other mum. Shes 65 - I never really see her as a 65 year old! She's always been so strong and active, even now shes trying to hide pain and now ask for any medicine as she doesn't want to accept this is it.

I'm glad she told me a few things when she could - She said i made her proud and how she loves my little family - I haven't told her about OH moving out, and I'm not going to. I look at her when shes awake and you can see her minds perfect but her body's just not there and she can only stare.

Its the worst thing watching someone fade before your eyes - but its even worse knowing theres nothing i can do


  1. You are very, very much in my thoughts. My e-mail address is on my blog should you want a listening ear.

  2. your going to regret saying that lol VERY long email in your inbox :) x