Thursday, 18 March 2010

My friends are FABULOUS

Well, yesterday me and my friend decided to enter Race for Life in memory of my other mum. Uploaded a link to my donation page and it asked for a "target" so i thought, recession, not many people will want to donate much - So i set my target for £100.

I checked online this morning - Its at £75 already with 7 dontations! Have now upped the target to £200!

I think its fantastic that people are dipping in their pockets (even if it is only to see whether i can run the 3 miles lol)

I had a bad day yesterday - I've been quite snappy with my friends and not all of them understand that im lashing out because of everything i've had going off but the ones who are sticking around are the best friends i could have asked for. I thought i had accidentley took too many thyroxine tablets yesterday but havign checked i didnt - took the correct dosage! Also did a lot of bank reviews - me and DD will be just fine! (Money was a huge worry for me!)

I feel a bit calmer today than i did yesterday - think i got most of the stressfulness out so should be back to my jolly nutty self today :)

hope your all havign a BRILLIANT day :) xx

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