Wednesday, 10 March 2010

yup - DEFINATLEY addicted

When was the last time you left your phone at home whilst you went out? Or the last time you turned your phone off? I couldnt tell you the answer to either of those questions right now. I seriously think i'm addicted to technology! how did i ever live in the 1990's without my phone?! Can you remember when they we're bricks and you was lucky if yours recieved picture messages? I have a Blackberry at the moment and theres the usual rubbish on there - The friend you never text unless your bored - The friends who text you when THEIR bored. But i've also got Twitter on there, Facebook, my hotmail email account, BBC news web page, google, a translator programme (i do use this occasionally!) and then random things like a timetable for the tube (i live in Nottingham for gods sake! why did i download this!)

I constantly check my phone for texts/calls/emails/messages and i seriously think im having withdrawal symptoms. There is nothing worse waiting on THAT person to text you - it makes you look at your phone even more!

Did you know that legally, a mobile phone company only need to test the radiation from a handset to the standards of a 15 degree angle. So when i'm slobbing in bed on my silly o'clock phone calls to THAT person im probably killing my limited brain cells with the radiation because, who, ACTUALLY holds their phone when their laid down? (I cant be the only person to talk on the phone in bed surely?) I'm quite bad at answering the phone when im in the bath too lol

I always say im going to have a mobile free day - and i never actually do. I always come up with an excuse. "oh but DD's nursery might call me if she's poorly" (they have my work number . . .!) "but it might be something important" (in which case, they have my mums number . . .!) currently I'm waiting on the dreaded call regarding my other mum but I would like to be able to say that I will leave my phone alone after this time.

I was addicted to facebook - not so more. I'd like to delete my profile but its the only way I keep in touch with online buddies and to be honest, I have pictures on there that I wouldnt see if my profile wasnt there.

I read once that there are celebrities who are technophobics. I have no idea how they go on with their day to day lives without these small pieces of wires and cables and plastic cases!

What is it with trends that make them so compulsive?

Here are a few trends from the past - how many of you were compelled to join in "just because"


Cabbage Patch Kids (WHY?!)
Jelly Shoes (making a come back on small kids!)
Doc Martin shoes
Parachute pants!
Happy Sacks


The Macerana  (that ANNOYING dance you just HAVE to do at parties)
Beanie Babaies (I admit to this one!)
Pogs (i had these too!)
The Teletubbies (15 years old and arguing with my mum because i wanted "po" - no word of a lie!!)


Tamagotchis (I secretly used to kill my dog on this!)
Spongebob Squarepants
Jelly Bracelets

When will this end?

I think the most recent fads are things like chamilia bracelets, 80's fashion and very bad music!

there MUST be an end to this madness

right - gotta go people - time to check my phone / email / messages / ARGHHHH


  1. I remember begging my Mum for a Barbie as a child in the mid-70s, she would never let me have one as they were a passing fad...!!


  2. I really want a tamagotchi again!